Is Calpurnia still together, why did Calpurnia break up?

Is Calpurnia still together?

Calpurnia is a Canadian-based indie rock band, the band consists of 4 members, namely Finn Wolfhard, Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Jack Anderson and Malcolm Craig. Sadly the band is split. On November 8, 2019, the band officially announced their split. You may wonder if the band Calpurnia is getting back together? But the answer is “no”, they have decided not to unite again. Once the band broke up, it suddenly shocked fans, as indie music is considered a gem for the listener.

Calpurnia Bio Overview

title description
Original vancouver, british columbia, canada
styles alternative rock

indie rock

Years active 2017–2019


Royal Mountain (USA and Canada)


Offensive (United Kingdom and Europe)

Why did Calpurnia break up?

The band Calpurnia announced that they were disbanding the band to welcome new projects and noted that Wolfhard and drummer Malcolm Craig had been friends since the age of 11. However, Finn Wolfhard found a decent position and prominence from Stranger Things. He settled for the Netflix series Stranger Things, which was cast as Mike. Finn Wolfhard transferred to a new band called “The Aubreys”.

If you’re a fan of the 1980s music genre, you might also know about The Band Calpurnia. Though the band members are born in 2000, they never fail to bring the vibe of the 90s to their songs. Calpurnia posted their last message on social media where the post read: “It’s great to share this news, but we want to let you know that our time together as Calpurnia is over. We are extremely grateful for the support we have received over the years. What seemed like an unimaginable reality to us, and we are thrilled to share the ride with you.

“It has been an honor and a gift to meet, work with and play with so many wonderful people. We feel fortunate and extremely grateful for the many wonderful opportunities that have come our way. We are all about to start new chapters in our lives: new projects, new music, new creative ventures and new experiences to come. One last huge thank you to our friends at Royal Mountain Records, our manager Bix, our families and especially our amazing fans. we will never forget you! – Calpurnia.”

Finn Wolfhard’s Band Calpurnia Split

Finn Wolfhard, star of the Netflix series Stranger Things, opened up that they are splitting up because they are all “businessmen: sadly the band split on November 8, 2019. Drummers Malcolm Craig and Wolfhard have kept in touch even after the split.” Decided to stay. However, once he left the band, Finn Wolfhard seized the opportunity to star in Stranger Things. Lucky for him, he got a permanent role as Mike in Stranger Things, but his role was still taken for granted. No one has changed.Currently, Finn is worth $4 million in 2022 as per his net worth report.

Who is Finn Wolfhard?

Finn Wolfhard is a Canadian-based prodigy who specialized in acting and is known for pursuing a legal career in music before rising to prominence. Well, Finn Wolfhard was born on 23 December 2002, he is currently 19 years old. He gained a huge reputation and recognition by playing the role of Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series Stranger Things. He previously had a band called Calpurnia, which later parted ways for some reason. Finn Wolfhard is fluent with various instruments such as Guitar, Piano, Bass and Vocal.

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