Is Jackie Chan still alive? What happened to Jackie Chan?

Is Jackie Chan still alive?

Is Jackie Chan still alive? Of course, Jackie Chan is doing fine without any illness. In case you wonder who Jackie Chan is, Jackie Chan goes by his birth name Fang Shilong, who was born on April 7, 1954. His career spans from being a martial artist, actor, film-maker, action choreographer, singer and one. Lots of talent to add. He is also a stunt performer. He is notable for creating his new movements in kung-fu.

Jackie Chan Biography

Name Jackie Chan
Date of birth April 7, 1954
profession Martial Artist, Singer, Actor, Director and Stuntman
age 68 years
height 5′ 9″ (174 cm, 1.74 m)
weight 165 Pounds to Pounds and 75 Kilograms to Kilograms
how tall is jackie chan 174 cm, 1.74 m
net worth $530 million

jackie chan son and daughter

When Etta Ng was 18, she and her girlfriend Andy left home and posted a video in which she said “Me, I’m Jackie Chan’s daughter, and this is my girlfriend Andy. We’re a gay parent.” Homeless for months. We largely slept under a bridge and other things.” Currently, she is married to Andy Autumn 2018. Also, they had a son named Jesse Chan who is currently 39 years old.

Daughter: Etta Ng Choc Llamo

Son: Jesse Chan

jackie chan oscar

Jackie Chan won the Academy Awards in 2016. Here is the detailed information about his awards. He won an Academy Honorary Award in 2016 for his extraordinary achievements. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded him an Oscar at the age of 56.

Prize year grade Result
academic award 2016 Academy Honorary Award won
American Choreography Awards 2002 investigator award won
ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards 2015 ASEAN Inspiration Award won

Asia Pacific Film Festival

1993 lifetime Achievement Award won
2005 special jury award won
2010 Outstanding Achievement Award won
Behind the Voice Actors Awards 2012 Best Voice Ensemble in a Feature Film won

Beijing Student Film Festival

2005 best Actor Nominated
2013 best Actor Nominated

blockbuster entertainment awards

1999 Favorite Couple – Action/Adventure won
2001 favorite action team Nominated
Britannia Award 2019 Albert R. Broccoli Britannia Award won
Cinequest Film Festival nineteen ninety eight Maverick Spirit Award won
Daytime Emmy Awards 2002 Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program Nominated
Fant-Asia Film Festival 1997 best asian film won

Golden Bauhinia Awards

1999 best Actor Nominated
2005 best Actor Nominated

Golden Horse Film Festival

1984 Best Leading Actor Nominated


best director Nominated
special award won
1989 Best Leading Actor Nominated
1991 special achievement award won
1992 Best Leading Actor won


Best Leading Actor won
Best Action Choreography Nominated
1995 Best Action Choreography Nominated
1999 Best Action Choreography Nominated
2001 Best Action Choreography Nominated
2013 Best Action Choreography won

Golden Phoenix Awards

1993 Outstanding Contribution Award won
2005 Outstanding Contribution Award won
Golden Rooster Awards 2005 best Actor won
Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards 2013 Best Action Choreography Nominated
hollywood film festival 1999 actor of the year won

Hong Kong Film Awards

1983 Best Action Choreography Nominated
1985 best Actor Nominated


best director Nominated
best Actor Nominated
best Actor Nominated
1989 best picture won


best Actor Nominated
Best Action Choreography won
1993 best Actor Nominated


best Actor Nominated
Best Action Choreography Nominated
1996 Best Action Choreography won
1997 best Actor Nominated
1999 Best Action Choreography won
2000 Best Action Choreography Nominated


Professional Achievement Award won
best Actor Nominated
Best Action Choreography won


Best Original Film Song Nominated
Best Action Choreography Nominated
2007 Best Action Choreography Nominated
2013 Best Action Choreography won
2016 Best Action Choreography Nominated
Huabiao Film Award 2013 Outstanding Foreign Actor Nominated

Hudding Award

2012 outstanding achievement won
2013 Best Actor in a Motion Picture Nominated


Best Action Choreography for Movies won
Best Vocal Performance for a Theme Song won
2018 Best Actor in a Motion Picture Nominated

Hundred Flowers Award

2006 best Actor Nominated
2014 best Actor Nominated
IIFA Awards 2000 special award won

kids Choice Awards


Favorite Male Action Hero won
Favorite Male Movie Star won


favorite male butt kicker won
favorite movie actor Nominated
2011 favorite butt kicker won

Macau International Film Festival


Golden Lotus Awards for Best Director won
Golden Lotus Awards for Best Picture Nominated

mtv movie awards

1995 lifetime Achievement Award won
1996 best fight Nominated
1997 best fight Nominated


Best Fight (shared with Chris Tucker) Nominated
Best On-Screen Couple (Shared with Chris Tucker) won


Best On-Screen Team (Shared with Chris Tucker) Nominated
Best Fight (shared with Chris Tucker) won
2003 Best On-Screen Team (Shared with Owen Wilson) Nominated
2008 Best Fight (shared with Chris Tucker and Sun Mingming) Nominated
Montreal World Film Festival 2001 Grand Prix des Américs won
Online Film and Television Awards 2019 OFTA Film Hall of Fame won

People’s Choice Award

2008 Favorite on screen match-up (shared with Chris Tucker) Nominated
2011 Favorite On-Screen Team (Shared with Jaden Smith) Nominated
2011 favorite action star won
Shanghai International Film Festival 2005 Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Cinema won

Teen Choice Awards

2002 Choice Chemistry (shared with Chris Tucker) Nominated
2008 Choice Movie Actor: Action Adventure Nominated
Asian Awards 2014 fellowship award won
world stunt award 2002 Taurus Honorary Award won

jackie chan sonu

Jesse Chan is currently 39 years old as of 2022. Jackie Chan plans to donate his estimated $370 million to charity and does not share any money with his son, Jesse Chan. Chan quoted, “If he’s able, he can make his own money. If he’s not, he’ll just be wasting mine.” Action superstar Jackie Chan once bought one of Michael Jackson’s iconic silver gloves for US$250,000 for his son Jesse Chan at a charity auction in 2010.

How old is Jackie Chan?

Age is certainly a factor that refers to one’s youth and maturity, you might wonder what Jackie Chan’s age is as well. We may have seen some younger versions of Jackie Chan, but as time goes by, the age increases. You might wonder what Jackie Chan’s age is, or you might have guessed Jackie Chan’s age. But let’s see if your prediction holds up well with Jackie Chan’s age by 2022. Well, Jackie Chan is currently 68 years old as of 2022. We will update more factual information about Jackie Chan when we are notified.

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