Is John Dean Still Married To Maureen What Did John Dean Do After Watergate?

Is John Dean Still Married to Maureen?

Yes, John Dean and Maureen Dean have been together for 50 years and are happily married. They both got married in October 1972. Before marrying Maureen, John Dean had a wife named Carla; They lived together for 8 years and later they got divorced. They both have a son named John Weasley Dean IV. As for Maureen Dean, this is the third marriage she married twice before marrying John Dean. Maureen Dean sat behind her husband during the Watergate scandal hearing but it attracted a lot of attention.

John Dean and Maureen Dean

John Dean and Maureen Dean married on 13 October 1972; From there, they are still together. John Dean’s Maureen became a major support during the Watergate trial. During this period he gained national attention. They were in love with each other. Nixon, the former White House president, once told US News & World Report, “He totally loves her, there’s no bone in it.” They were a perfect couple.

watergate scandal

A major political scandal erupted in the US administration, leading to the resignation of former White House President Richard Nixon. Nixon’s administration tried to hide the scandal. Nevertheless, investigators uncovered the thieves and proved that Nixon tried to cover up the administration’s involvement in the oval office and the voice-activated taping system. Covering up the scam caused a constitutional crisis. John Dean, the former White House attorney, became the main witness for the convictions of covering up the scandal.

What did John Dean do after Watergate?

After the Watergate scandal, John Dean became an investment banker, author, and lecturer in Beverly Hills, California. Dean wrote of his White House experience with a hint of Watergate in his Blind Ambition in 1976 and Lost Honor in 1982.

John Dean and Maureen Dean Biography

biography of john dean

description Specifications
Name john dean
Date of birth 14 October 1938
age 83
wife Maureen Dean
Children John Wesley Dean IV

John Dean’s Wife Maureen Dean Biography

description Specifications
Name Maureen Dean
Date of birth October 10, 1945
age 76
husband john dean
Children none

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