Is Natalie Biden Pregnant? Check in to find out who Natalie Biden is, age, bio, family, and more

Who is Natalie Biden?

Natalie Biden is one of Joe Biden’s granddaughters. On 4 August 2004, he was born to his parents, Joseph Robinette ‘Beau’ Biden 3 and Hailey Biden, in Wilmington, Delaware, United States. Natalie grew up alongside her younger brother, Robert Hunter Biden 2. Natalie Biden is the granddaughter of Beau Biden, the eldest son of Joe Biden and Neale Hunter. Natalie became famous when she attended her grandfather’s inauguration in January 2021 wearing a bright pink coat from Lafayette 148 New York with a matching face mask and scarf. He was also wearing a tan knee-high boot. Soon, Natalie was dubbed a style icon by the media.


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Is Natalie Biden Pregnant?

No, Natalie Biden is not pregnant. Pregnancy rumors about Joe Biden’s granddaughter Natalie Biden have been circulating all over social media. Rumor has it that Natalie is expecting Hunter Biden’s child as a photo of Hunter and Natalie has been published on social media. It has been reported as of last year that Natalie Biden is pregnant, which was supposed to be revealed last year, but the rumors about Natalie Biden’s pregnancy turned out to be completely false. According to online sources, Natalie appears to be a very private but stylish and open-minded young adult who doesn’t have social media applications like Instagram or Twitter. However, she has a TikTok account in which she posts her videos and flaunts her outfits in a big way.


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Natalie Biden Age

Natalie Biden is 18 years old and was born on 4 August 2004 in Wilmington, Delaware, United States, to Beau Biden and Hailey Biden. He also has a younger brother named Robert Hunter Biden 2. Natalie’s father was an American politician, lawyer, and officer in the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps. When Natalie was 11 years old, Bethe Biden died of brain cancer at the age of 46 on May 30, 2015, in Bethesda, Maryland. Currently, Natalie lives with her mother, Hallie Oliver, and her younger brother.

Natalie Biden Biography

Specifications description
Name Natalie Biden
age 18 years old
Date of birth 4 August 2004
birth place Wilmington, Delaware, United States
nationality American
Guardian Beau Biden, Hailey Biden
siblings 1
Relationship Status alone
Spouse / Partner none
Children none

Natalie Biden Family

Beau Biden and Hailey Biden have two children together, Natalie Biden and Robert Hunter Biden 2. Meanwhile, Joe Biden and Nelia Hunter have three children together, Beau, Hunter, and Naomi. Unfortunately, Joe’s first wife, Nealia Hunter, and their newborn daughter, Naomi, died in an automobile accident in 1972. Later, Joe Biden married Jill Tracy Jacobs, with whom he had a daughter named Ashley. After the death of the father of Joe Biden’s first son, Natalie, Joe Hunter got along with his second wife’s daughter, Ashley, as his only son. As of now, Joe Biden and Jill Biden have seven grandchildren by their two sons, Beau and Hunter, and a daughter, Ashley. The seven grandchildren are Navy Joan Roberts, Maisie Biden, Robert Biden 2, Natalie Biden, Finnegan Biden, Naomi Biden and Beau Biden Jr.

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