Is the EDP445 dead? Where is EDP445 now?

Is the EDP445 dead?

The answer is, EDP445 is not dead as there are no sources that reported the news of the death of this famous YouTuber. EDP445 was a YouTuber who was a sensation among YouTubers and Netizens because of the content he provided and what happened with EDP445. But if he was so famous then why people search for EDP445 despite no news release about it. Despite EDP445 becoming famous, it has gradually disappeared from existence after what happened with EDP445. In fact, EDP445 was removed from most video-producing social media platforms, resulting in a void. And many people who weren’t aware of what happened to EDP445 immediately wondered whether EDP445 was dead.

Where is EDP445 now?

It is unclear where EDP445 is now, but while he was active on YouTube and other social media platforms, he revealed he was from Bakersfield, California. In April 2021, EDP445 was banned from YouTube and other video-posting social media platforms, and after that, there was no news about EDP445 for a while, to the surprise of his fans that EDP445 is dead and EDP445 Where is it now? Recently EDP445 was spotted on Tiktok where he posted some videos, but many people are speculating that he may soon be removed from Tiktok too.

How tall is EDP445?

It’s not just EDP445 dead and where is EDP445 now that is trending on the internet, many people are also curious about EDP445’s physique, especially how tall is EDP445 after watching him on his YouTube channel where he rant video and posts vlogs. It is only by seeing their tall frame that people want to know how tall the EDP445 is. Sources have revealed that EDP445 is 6 feet 1 inch and is about 65 years old.

What happened to the EDP445?

EDP445 was banned from social media platforms such as YouTube after he was found to be involved in a child grooming and pedophile activities. In fact, on a YouTube video, he himself admitted that he was trying to meet a 13-year-old girl who didn’t even exist. Sources also reveal that he sent obscene pictures, videos and messages to this fake 13-year-old. The result of all this was that his presence on YouTube was taken down. Several other social media platforms were also taken down. Many speculate that EDP445 became the food delivery man after this tenure.

EDP445 death

Now we know the answers to all the questions related to the death of EDP445, where is EDP445 now and what happened to EDP445. But who is EDP445, is EDP445 his real name? No EDP445 is the name used by this person on his social media. EDP445 real name is Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland, he was born on 15 December 1990 and must be around 31 years old. This American YouTuber is not only known for his rant and vlog channel, he also started a cooking and gaming channel. We have already seen above that EDP445 is dead, is EDP445 dead is a question that many people are asking which was inspired by their absence from social media.

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