Is Vladimir Konstantinov still alive? Learn more about Vladimir Konstantinov’s wife, accident and daughter

Who is Vladimir Konstantinov?

Vladimir Nikolaevich Konstantinov, a former Russian-American professional ice hockey player who spent most of his National Hockey League (NHL) job with the Detroit Red Wings, was born on March 19, 1967. He previously played for the Soviet team CSKA Moscow. His career ended in a limousine accident, six days after the Red Wings’ 1997 Stanley Cup victory. After impressing a scout for the team at the 1987 World Junior Championships, the Detroit Red Wings selected Konstantinov with the 221st overall pick in the 1989 NHL Entry Draft, where a fight broke out during a Soviet-Canada game. According to scout Neil Smith, “he was the only Russian who fought back.”

Is Vladimir Konstantinov still alive?

During the incident, Konstantinov, who was 30 years old, is still alive, but is paralyzed. All-Star and beloved by Red Wings supporters was Vladimir Konstantinov. In 1997, just days after the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, tragedy struck when Birmingham tree-climbing limo driver Richard Gnida passed behind the wheel while getting high on marijuana.

Vladimir Konstantinov accident

The night of the limo accident is an accident that happened on June 13, 1997. On June 13, 1997, in Birmingham, Michigan, at approximately 9:30 p.m., a limo carrying both the players and a Red Wings masseuse went off Woodward Avenue and crashed into a tree. The driver, three team members and other patients were taken to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. Following the incident, which occurred after a team golf outing and party, several Red Wings players and team owner Mike Illich visited a hospital. Konstantinov, who was 30 at the time of the collision, would never play hockey again because of serious head injuries, which forced him to use a wheelchair. Team masseur Sergei Mantskanov was paralyzed below the waist. With less serious wounds, Fetisov would rejoin the Red Wings.

Vladimir Konstantinov wife and daughter

Living in West Bloomfield, Michigan, is Konstantinov. His wife, Irina, and their daughter, Anastasia Konstantinova, now live in Florida. Compared to most of his Russian contemporaries, Konstantinov played more aggressively, focusing on stopping opponents. He clarified, “I don’t need to score goals for my game. I wish someone would stop caring about goals and start caring about me.” While he knew his teammates as “Vlady,” his aggressive playing style earned him “The Red Shark,” “Vladinator.” ,” and nicknamed “Vlad the Impaler.” Among the media and fans.

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