Is Wole Soyinka dead? Is Wole Soyinka Still Alive, Latest Wole Soyinka News

Pro. wole soyinka

Pro. Wole Soyinka, whose full name is Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka, was born on 13 July 1934 and is an English-language Nigerian playwright, novelist, poet and essayist. A Novel Award winner he was the first Sub-Saharan African to be awarded in that category in 1986. Pro. Wole Soyinka is almost always in news for his interviews and his revolutionary ideas. But recently he was in news due to a death rumour, leaving people wondering if Wole Soyinka is dead. In fact, after this rumor went viral on social media and the internet was flooded with questions like Wole Soyinka is dead, and Wole Soyinka is still alive. Let’s find out that Prof. What is wole soyinka news and clears all our doubts about wole soyinka dead.

Is Wole Soyinka dead?

No, Wole Soyinka is not dead. Wole Soyinka is alive. Born in 1934, he is 87 years old. But if Wole Soyinka is alive then what is the question whether Wole Soyinka is dead? Rumors of Wole Soyinka’s death have been circulating around the internet, especially since a tweet – Wole Soyinka Dead went viral. This tweet has since been removed because it was a false message. But this brought up many questions like is Wole Soyinka dead, is Wole Soyinka still alive. But we have already seen that Wole Soyinka is not dead.

Is Wole Soyinka still alive?

Yes, Wole Soyinka is still alive. As said in the above section Wole Soyinka is dead, Wole Soyinka is not dead and is still very much alive. But the news of the death of Wole Soyinka’s brother is being spread on the internet and it has created confusion as Prof. The initial news that emerged about the death of Wole Soyinka’s brother was ‘Soyinka’s death’, with people confused that it was Prof. Wole was Soyinka. Wole Soyinka is dead and Wole Soyinka is still alive. Let’s know about this Prof. About wole soyinka news.

latest wole soyinka news

The latest Wole Soyinka news is not about him, but about his brother who is also a professor – Professor Femi Soyinka. Professor Femi Soyinka is a dermatologist, venereologist and allergologist at the University of Giessen in 1969. Now that we know that Wole Soyinka is dead and Wole Soyinka is still alive, let’s learn about the news of Professor Femi Soyinka’s death.

Professor Femi Soyinka

According to reports Professor Femi Soyinka passed away on June 14, 2022 and these reports also state that Professor Femi Soyinka died in the early hours of his home in Kukumada village of Ibadan, Oyo State. Professor Femi Soyinka Prof. Wole was Soyinka’s younger brother and was 85 when he died. His death itself led to confusion and the question whether Wole Soyinka was dead.

wole soyinka kids

Pro. Wole Soyinka was married three times – to Barbara Dixon, Olide Idovu, and finally to Folk Doherty. With him they had 5 children from the firstborn, a son – Olokun with Barbara. With his second wife, Olide Idovu, he had 4 children – 3 daughters Moremi, Iytade, Peibomi and a son, Ilemakin. Of these children, Iytade died.

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