Local Depot26 Scam UK Post Office text local-depot26.com Scam or Legit?

local depot 26 scam

Are you constantly getting Local Depot 26 scam text that takes you to a website local-depot26.com? Local Depot 26 The scam text tells you that your parcel is awaiting delivery or has failed and needs to be delivered. Many people are confused about whether Local Depot 26 is a scam or a legitimate website, so here we have provided all the information about Local Depot 26 scam text.

Local depot26 scam text sent by scammers If you click on a link sent by scammers it takes you to the phishing website local-depot26.com. This scam website is seen as the UK Post Office telling users that a parcel needs to be delivered.

For this, it asks for your credit card details, pin number, personal details etc. When the user enters all such details it is used fraudulently. To know more, refer to the section below.

Local Depot 26 Scam Text Format

Local Depot 26 scam text is a fraudulent message sent to users to grab their personal information by clicking on a link that leads to the phishing website local-depot26.com. The local depot 26 scam text format is as follows,

  • Your post office order is awaiting delivery, please confirm payment of £1.45 at https://mydepot-reschedule-help.com.

  • Your post office order could not be delivered because someone answered the door. You can visit https://mydepot-reschedule-form .com. can rebook on

These are Local Depot 26 scam text so people should be aware of this Local Depot 26 scam text. Do not submit any details like credit card, or personal details. This is a fraudulent message claiming to be a UK Post Office.

Is Local Depot 26 Text Scam Or Legitimate?

It is clear from the above information that local depot 26 text is a scam, Do not click on links in the text. Please delete or ignore this type of SMS.

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