Melissa Barrera Biography, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, Movies, Boyfriend, and Net Worth

Melissa Barrera Biography

When Melissa Barrera was just 21 years old, she began her career as an actress, model and producer. She quickly rose to greater commercial success within a short span of time, impressing people through her career and achieving great fame. As she grew in stature, her professional life eventually came full circle. Because of her performances, Melissa Barrera became famous both in Mexico and outside. In this article, we will learn more about Melissa Barrera.

Melissa Barrera Age

Melissa Barrera was born on 4 July 1990 in Monterrey, Mexico. By 2022, Melissa Barrera will be 31 years old, and she was born in Monterey, Mexico. She currently resides in Monterrey, Mexico, where she works as an actress and singer. Mexican actress Melissa Barrera, best known for her lead role in Starz drama series Vida (2018–2020). She will be seen in the 2022 musical film Carmen as well as in the slasher horror film Scream.

Melissa Barrera Birthday

Melissa Barrera celebrated her 32nd birthday on July 4, 1990. His career began in 2011 when he made an appearance on the unscripted television show La Accademia, which is produced in Mexico. In the program she showcased her singing talent, which attracted attention. She was discovered the following year at a Mexican event called La Mujer de Judas and La Otra Cara del Alma.

Melissa Barrera Height

Melissa Barrera is 6 feet 0 inches tall female. She is Mexican by birth and currently follows a non-vegetarian diet. She belongs to the Christian community, however, worships all the gods. He loves to perform in movies and television shows.

Melissa Barrera Weight

She weighs around 68KG, and she exercises regularly to keep it that way. Melissa Barrera prefers to wear casual shoes and has a UK shoe size of 8. Rossana Martínez and Tomas Barrera are her parents. There is no information about his siblings. She used to play basketball with a lot of mobility when she was in school. He provided tuition at the Monterey American School Foundation in Mexico. She was accepted into New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts for her future education, and one of the courses she wanted to take was melodic theatre.

melissa barrera best movies

Movies release date
l for rest 2014
Manuel de Principles Para Ser President and El Hotel 2016
sacdate las pens and dos ves to 2018
In height 2021
Scream, Carmen and Bed Rest 2022

Melissa Barrera boyfriend

Barrera has been transparent and candid with her fans about her romantic life. She is no longer available in 2021, and has been happily married to music artist Paco Zazueta for more than two years. The two are said to have met in 2011 while filming for the Mexican musical reality series La Accademia. According to Barrera, they were initially friends before becoming each other’s confidants. The actress says the two made sure to be with each other during and after the reality show. Melissa claims that despite choosing different careers and going their separate ways, the pair never lost touch. Melissa accepted Javier’s sudden but wonderful proposal in June 2017 as they were on a date at the Empire State Building in Manhattan. They publicly exchanged vows in February 2019.

Melissa Barrera net worth

Melissa Barrera has an estimated net worth of $4 million USD. We can see that she lives a lavish lifestyle and travels the world through her daily updates on social media posts and stories. He also has a big bungalow and a private luxury car. His income is estimated to be around 80K-85K USD. No other details are available regarding Melissa Barrera’s assets or other sources of income.

Melissa Barrera Biography

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