Music content cannot be played in picture in picture, how to fix music content cannot be played in PIP issue?

What is picture in picture?

Picture-in-picture (PiP) is a function that can be found in television receivers, personal computers, and smartphones. It consists of a video stream playing within an inset window so that the rest of the screen is available for other uses.

Picture-in-picture television requires two separate tuners or signal sources to supply the large and small picture. A second tuner is included in two-tuner PIP TVs, while single-tuner PIP TVs require an additional signal source, which can be a cable box, a video cassette recorder, a DVD player, or an external tuner. Is. Picture-in-picture is often employed while watching one program while waiting for another to begin or commercials to end.

Music content cannot be played in picture in picture

Even if they have a premium subscription, iOS users still receive the message “Music content cannot be played in picture-in-picture (PiP)”.

The iOS YouTube app has an issue where “music content cannot be played in picture-in-picture (PiP)”. Many people are facing this problem, which is widely discussed on social media sites like reddit and twitter. So YouTube is aware of this.

The YouTube team is trying to fix this problem. Just wait a while and, if available, update the YouTube app to the latest version.

How to do picture in picture on youtube?

After selecting a YouTube video to watch, simply exit the YouTube app (by swiping up from the bottom of your screen, or by pressing the Home button).

As you use other apps on your device, the video will continue to play in a small player that you can move around the screen.

Why can’t music content play in PIP on iOS?

YouTube users on iPhones and iPads are perplexed what this troubling problem is. This pop-up is often meant to show up when you try to play music videos in PiP on YouTube without a YouTube Premium subscription in the US.

However, a possible software bug is causing this pop-up to appear randomly when iOS users access the YouTube app. As of now, Android users are safe from the problem, and there have been no reports of it appearing on the OS.

How to fix music content in Picture in Picture not working?

There is nothing special you can do to get rid of this problem. So, wait until YouTube fixes the problem.

Non-Premium Members: US Everyone in the U.S. who uses the YouTube app on an iPhone or iPad will have access to non-music content on the PiP. If you use an Android device, you already have this capability, and you always will!

premium member: Globally, access to PiP for all content will be available to all premium users on iPhone and iPad (both music and non-music). In the YouTube app, navigate to Settings > General and enable Picture-in-Picture. If you don’t enable PiP (based on your input from our tests) background play will be available by default! This feature is already available and will continue to be available for premium members with Android devices.

  • Music content cannot be played in picture in picture

  • Can’t play music in pip

  • Can’t play music in pip

  • Music content cannot be played in picture in picture

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