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Movie Name my girlfriend is alien
Relese Date 2019
Box Office N/A

my girlfriend is alien movie story review and update?
Tooth Leng was driving along the motorway when he saw something like shooting stars quickly dropping from the sky. He got so occupied that he crashed his vehicle close where the item from the sky had fallen.

Tooth Leng had the option to slither out of his vehicle.

In the mean time, a bare human structure showed up out of blasting light, from where the “shooting stars’ had fallen. For reasons unknown, the outsider naturally knew to conceal her body, amusing that, since she tracked down a neglected wrap and hung it gorgeously over her exposure.

She then, at that point, saw Tooth Leng all swollen and bloodied.

This outsider young lady is very male/female to begin with. In any case, seeing the dazzling chest of Tooth Leng got her young lady side all energized, while the male in her advised her to ease off and act.

She attempted to recuperate the oblivious Tooth Leng yet seeing detonating ‘spaceship’ made her substitute front of Tooth Leng to safeguard him.

She got harmed and a drop of her blood fell on Tooth Leng’s hand. The drop immediately transformed into a tear shape light blue sapphire.

The unfortunate outsider young lady was blown into the lake close by.

After seven days, Tooth Leng awakened being inspected by a specialist and given a doctor’s approval, including the heart mumble he had somewhat of an issue with before his mishap.

In the interim, the outsider young lady emerged from the water astonishing an angler, particularly when he saw her turn her head 360 degrees and with the cutest little turtle of her head.

The outsider young lady had lost her annunciator the night she saved Tooth Leng and she figured he had got it.

Tooth Lang appeared to be alright to go to his office which at that point was in disorder as seven ladies in their wedding outfits, comprised of his sweethearts, were hanging tight for him. Obviously Tooth L

In any case, Tooth Leng excused the ladies individually by giving every one of them what they need, a boarding pass, a vehicle, and so on.

The outsider young lady appeared to have adjusted to current Earth rapidly in light of the fact that she went in a mall to pick and pick dresses and frill.

She attempted dresses which looked beautiful on her however at that point seeing a foamy all-white wedding dress is something even outsiders couldn’t help it.

She was giving it a shot when safety officers came to catch her, making her ran out of the shop and into the road.

The outsider young lady had created fear with vehicles and traffic in view of Tooth Leng’s mishap. At the point when she saw the vehicles driving extremely quick toward each path, she got so terrified and hunkered all the way down.

She in a real sense halted the traffic and made even the walkers transformed into sculptures. She can stop time.

For reasons unknown, Tooth Leng was not impacted by her superpower. He saw her joyfully got up when she saw that the traffic had halted.

She cheerfully moved out of the road.

Unfortunate Tooth Leng was not excessively certain if he was seeing things so he went to his specialist companion to unveil what he saw.

The outsider young lady was feeling the loss of a sapphire stone from her pendant and she went searching for the man she helps in the mishap, the sum total of what she had was her harsh drawing of his muscly abs.

She ended up seeing a resto-bar with Chippendale men on the show. Haha She needed to see their chest to track down Tooth Leng.

The outsider young lady was cheerfully gazing at the men and later getting them drink, however had hardly any familiarity with it and the possibility of business.

They likewise gave her a beverage. With only one she was snoozing.

At the point when she got up the following morning the bar proprietor had introduced her a bill for a few thousand, which she can’t pay.

The proprietor told her she needed to work it off.

She turned into a conveyance young lady for her important point.

She was conveying burgers to a high rise which turned out to be where Tooth Falsehood was remaining under monitors.

He immediately advised Chaoqi to trade garments.

Tooth Untruth figured out how to move away while Chaoqi remained professing to paint.

Tooth Untruth is Tooth Leng’s more youthful sibling who was dealing with a show os the previous’ painting. He put Tooth Lie under monitors so he can complete his works of art prepared for display in a couple of days.

Tooth Leng had a sweet showdown with Chaoqi.

Chaoqi had a go at all that to vanish yet her dematerialization power appeared to be not to work when she was close to Tooth Leng.

She needed to trick him all things considered and it worked, she figured out how to move away… yet not for a really long time.

Since after one more episode of conveyances, she returned exclusively to figure out that Tooth Leng had her everything to himself since he recruited the entire eatery so she can serve him.

He constrained her to cook for him. Beaten, she went to the kitchen and turn on the oven, she added oil to a dish which burst into flames.

Quickly Tooth Leng was next to her

She began conveying lunch to Tooth Gathering. Tragically their great porridge made Tooth Leng sick. He was sensitive to fish.

She needed to convey him on her back to a taxi and afterward the whole way to the medical clinic.

Tooth Leng had an extremely harsh relationship with his stepmother who had been attempting to make her child Tooth Lei to be the executive of the board instead of Tooth Leng.

She recruited a bad specialist, who nearly made him even iller.

The bistro where Chaoqi word needed to close briefly as a result of media badgering that their food causes food contamination.

Each time Tooth Leng sees Chaoqi, he tells her he at no point ever needs to see her in the future but every time he goes searching for her.

She was being evaluated by the press about the food contamination saying that Tooth Gathering had not given any explanation about it.

Unexpectedly Tooth Leng who was en route to a gathering was in the bistro rather to help Chaoqi.

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