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National Examination Council Nigeria is an examination board that conducts examinations like NCEE, SSCE and BECE. NECO Exam 2022 started on June 27, 2022, and in the recent Geography practical exam students have searched for NECO Computer Questions and Answers 2022. We have assimilated the list of NECO Computer Questions and Answers 2022 in the below section for those students. Interested in that.

neco computer question and answer 2022

NECO Computer 2022 exam was conducted by National Examination Council Nigeria on 23rd July, 2022 and 9th August, 2022. As a result of this students have shown keen interest in NECO Computer Questions and Answers 2022. Since the exam is recent, it will be impossible to get all NECO Computer Questions and Answers 2022.


E-mail service is a means of sending messages, text and computer files between computers via the Internet. Email is the exchange of computer store messages by telecommunications. Email Service Provider (ESP) allows users to send email campaigns to a list of subscribers.


(Choose any three)(i) Email is easy to manage

(ii) Email is fast

(iii) Email is cheap

(iv) Email is easy to filter

(v) Email transmission is secure and reliable (2bi)

Broadcasting is the delivery of audio and video content to a scattered audience by means of any audio or visual mass communication medium, but usually uses electromagnetic radiation (radio waves). Recipient parties may include the general public or a relatively large subset thereof. The broadcast has been used for the purposes of personal entertainment, non-commercial exchange of messages, experimentation, self-training and emergency communication.


(choose any three)

(i) Personal Area Network (PAN)

(ii) Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

(iii) Local Area Network (LAN)

(iv) Wide Area Network (WAN)


Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the capacity of data that can be transferred between a website, its users, and servers. This is the capability of the connection between the website user and the server. Bandwidth is expressed in either MB/s (megabytes per second) or GB/s (gigabytes per second).


Bookmark: Bookmark is a web browser feature used to save Uniform Resource Locator (URL) address for future reference. Bookmarks save user and browser time, which is especially useful for web pages with long Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). Browsers usually provide folder options for related bookmarks.


Download: Download means to receive data from a remote system, usually a server such as a web server, an FTP server, an email server, or other similar system. Download can refer to the general transfer of a file from one computer to another computer over a network, typically from a large server to a user device.


HTML: HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a standard markup language for web page creation. It allows the creation and structure of sections, paragraphs and links using tags and attributes such as HTML elements (the building blocks of a web page).


Hyperlink: A hyperlink is an element in an HTML document that links to another part of the document or to another document as a whole. On webpages, hyperlinks are usually purple or blue in color and sometimes underlined.


Hotspot is a feature found in many e-learning courses. They are mostly visible as an object or image or they are hidden, “invisible” shapes. In both cases, the objective is the same. In other words, hotspots prompt the user to click on them to display more information about the object/image being viewed.


(i) Meaningful identifiers.

(ii) Consistent indentation.

(iii) Limit the length of the line.

(iv) File and folder structure.


-the gain-

(i) timely message delivery; Placement flexibility is an advantage of the radio. You can have a message produced and marketed to you within a few decisions from your buying decision.

(ii) broad reach and audience targeting; The ability to schedule ad spots at different times of the day throughout the week allows for wider local reach. The ability to advertise regionally and nationally expands the reach of companies with a wide geographic offering.

(iii) affordability; To break into a radio, you usually buy a package that lasts at least a month. Advertisement spots and package costs vary greatly by location


(i) poor care and fragmentation; Among the disadvantages of radio advertising, a primary drawback is that the people listening to it are often engaged in other activities, such as driving.

(ii) lack of visual appeal; While television, the other major broadcast medium, has multi-sensory appeal, radio can only impact your audience through sound.

(iii) complex national procurement procedures; Buying radio ads for regional or national campaigns gets a little chaotic. Large media groups often own stations across the country.


Light Pen: A light pen is a light-sensitive pen-like device used by pointing at a display surface. A user brings the light pen to the desired point on the screen and presses a button, which identifies it’s current location. It is used to select options from menus or to draw pictures.


Barcode Reader: A bar code is a special code that is represented by a set of parallel bars of varying thickness and separation. It is used for rapid identification of objects with optimum scanner. Optical scanner is called bar code reader. Bar Code Reader is a photoelectric scanner that reads bar codes.


Plotters: Plotters are large scale printers that are connected to a computer. They are commonly used to print CAD (computer aided drafting) drawings created by engineers and for banner ads and other large promotional materials. They are primarily used by industry and businesses that require a flexible, efficient and cost-effective printing solution.


Speakers: Speakers are connected to the computer for the output of sound. A sound card is required in the computer for the speaker to work. Speakers range from simple, two-speaker output devices to surround-sound multi-channel units.


(i) Drum plotter

(ii) flat-bed plotter


Graphic packages are programs that allow artists and computer users to use computers to create, edit, display, and print graphic images. A graphics package is an application that can be used to create and manipulate images on a computer. Examples include Paint, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, CAD (Computer Aided Design).


(i) Painting Package

(ii) Drawing Package


System software is a type of computer program designed to run a computer’s hardware and application programs.


(i) System software runs when the system is started and shuts down when the system is turned off. While the application program runs as per the request of the user.

(ii) Example of system software is operating system while application software are Photoshop, VLC player etc.

(iii) System software is meant to administer system resources. Whereas application program is meant to enable the user to perform some specific tasks or tasks.


{choose any two}

(i) CPU is responsible for all the data processing tasks.

(ii) It saves information such as data, intermediate results and instructions (programs).

(iii) It directs the operation of all computer components.

(iv) Controlling all other parts of the machine and sending timing signals.

(v) Transfer of data between memory and I/O device.

(vi) Receiving data and instructions from memory.

(vii) Perform arithmetic and logical operations.

(viii) Executing programs stored in memory.


{choose any two}

(i) Control Unit (CU)

(ii) Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

(iii) Register.

(iv) Cash.

(v) Buses.


{choose any four}

(i) HDMI cable

(ii) VGA cable

(iii) DVI cable

(iv) Ethernet cable

(v) PS/2 cable

(vi) 5 mm audio cable


{Choose any two and explain}

(i) HDMI Cable: HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) is a type of computer cable used to transmit high definition video and audio signals. By using an HDMI cable, audio and video signals can be transmitted smoothly without compromising on the quality of the images and crystal clear images can be sent using this cable.

(ii) VGA Cable: VGA (Video Graphics Ray) cable is another type of computer cable which is used to send video signal and is used to connect monitor and CPU of computer. VGA cables can also be used in HD televisions. All the information displayed on the monitor is coming from the VGA cable. The plug in cable has a total of 15 pins, with three rows of 5 pins each. And the cable easily fits into the monitor and the other end is fixed to the CPU of the computer system.

(iii) DVI Cable: DVI cable is used to connect LCD monitor and video card. By using this cable, user can watch high image quality without any disturbance. DVI cables are mostly used in CRT monitors that have a VGA connection. This cable carries digital and analog signals to the computer system.

(iv) Ethernet cable: Ethernet cable is a type of computer network cable used for wired networks. Ethernet cables are used to connect switches, monitors, PCs to a LAN (Local Area Network). Ethernet cable length and durability describe the quality of the connection.

(v) PS/2 Cable: PS/2 cable is a standard cable for connecting mouse and keyboard to a computer system. The length of the PS/2 cable is so long that the user can easily connect the mouse and keyboard to the system and use the system. PS/2 cables have a total of 6 pins and have a round connector. There are mainly two sizes of PS/2 cables. The smaller size is the most common cable, but some adapters can be used to convert it to a larger size.

(vi) 5 mm audio cables: 3.5 mm audio cables are a type of computer cable used in computer audio applications. This cable can be used to connect a mini-stereo audio device, a PC sound card or a portable CD player to any multimedia speaker. This cable can also be used to connect earphones and headphones to the system.

neco computer question and answer 2022 pdf

Students are also looking for NECO Computer Questions and Answers PDF. But as the NECO Computer Exam is recently and we don’t have the complete NECO Computer Questions and Answers 2022. We will try to add recent NECO Computer Question and Answer PDF as soon as we update.

Subject Date type paper Time
computer Studies 23 July 2022 Objective and Essay III and II 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
computer Studies 9 August 2022 Objective and Essay I 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

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