Opera gx adblock not working on youtube 2022, how about opera gx adblock youtube not working issue?

What is Opera GX Adblock?

Opera GX AdBlock is a browser plugin for Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge that filters content and blocks advertising. Adblock allows users to block the display of certain page items such as ads. The beauty of adblocker is that it blocks all ads from running as we know ads are annoying and irrelevant at times.

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opera gx adblock not working on youtube 2022

Adblockers are recently preferred by any user, gamer and netizens. After all, we all prefer to browse without ads, as they often annoy us using their pop-ups. An annoying fact about advertising is that often it is not even relevant to what we want. However, people are a little disappointed to know that GX Adblock is not working for Youtube this year. Well, we have compiled the possible fixes for this issue in the excerpts mentioned above.

How to fix Opera GX adblock youtube not working issue?

try updating your browser

If you are pending from running the latest version of Opera browser, try to check for updates and install if there are any pending updates and patches.

  • To update, you need to click on the Opera logo, which is present in the left corner of your screen.

  • Now click on Update & Recovery.

  • Now click on the Check for Update button.

  • If an update is pending, please consider updating immediately.

  • If you still get the problem after updating, move on to another fix.

Try Installing uBlock Native Extension

Several online users of Opera have confirmed that switching to uBlock has somehow fixed their problem. So uBlock is a cross-platform browser extension that allows you to filter and block selected content including ads.

Try clearing your cache and cookies

Often, your browser cookies and cache will slow down your performance, which can lead to a number of problems if the problem is a bit large. So to avoid any complications, try to clear your cache and cookies regularly. Here are some steps to clear your cache and cookies.

  • Click on the Opera logo.

  • Now go to History and click on Clear Browsing Data.

  • Under “Basic,” choose the time frame and make sure you clear your all-time history.

  • It’s better to go from “Basic” to “Advanced” when you clear the history.

  • Once done, the process will take a few moments; Now you can restart your PC.

opera gx adblock not working on youtube

If you recently started watching YouTube ads despite having AdBlock enabled, YouTube may be testing some advanced ad-blocking fraud on you. In upcoming articles, we’ve added fixes so you can fix an issue with Opera GX adblock not working for YouTube. Try and thoroughly read all the three fixes we mentioned.

opera gx adblock not working on youtube 2022

opera gx adblock not working on youtube

Fix Opera GX Adblock not working on YouTube.

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