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Movie Name tenet
Relese Date 2020
Box Office N/A

tenet movie story review and update?

History shows that science fiction has played a big role in the progress of science.  Things were first recorded in story-tales woven from the imagination of the writers, then came into existence.  This is the reason that despite all the scientific achievements, science fiction thrillers always thrill by staying ahead of science.  Writer-director Christopher Nolan is one of the world’s most imaginative names in the West.  The audience of his films wait because they are not ordinary.  In the world of his stories, he presents complex puzzle-like challenges to the onlookers.  You can’t watch his movies without putting your mind.  His Memento (2000) was followed by Aamir Khan’s Ghajini (2008) and then Aamir starrer Dhoom 3 (2013) also had the imprint of The Prestige (2006).  Nolan’s Inception (2010) has millions of fans in India.  In his previous film Interstellar (2014), some people had reached space to save the Earth and now in the theatrical release Tenet, in the story revolving in Russia-USA-Ukraine and India, efforts are being made to save human civilization.  But this story is not simple.

In Nolan’s Tenet, his characters look to the past and the future, even after breaking away from the concept of a time machine.  travel them.  Struggles to reconcile the present with the past and the future.  Here the world has faced a bigger crisis than the possible third world war.  The bigger danger than nuclear power is from such a device, whose correct structure (algorithm) will start rotating in the opposite direction and everything will end in the blink of an eye.  It would take tons of nuclear power to turn the earth upside down and for this uranium/plutonium is needed.  Nolan imagines here that some people have reached the future and, for their own happiness, want to push the earth into the past and capture its rich resources.  Andy Sutter (Kenneth Branagh), a major Russian dealer of uranium/plutonium and weapons in Russia, is suffering from cancer.  He wants the world to end with his death.  Therefore, by joining hands with the people who have reached the future, he arranges for the end of the world.  He has set the time for the end of the world.  The US agency has come to know about this and it is also getting such things, which have been used in the past even in the present.  Like a revolver bullet.  The agency has formed an intelligence team named Tenet to deal with this challenge.  The protagonist of the same Tenet (John David Washington) now wants to go back to the past and take possession of that algorithm, in order to destroy it and save the earth and nature

You have to watch this film carefully and also have to work hard.  When the story will reach the past while moving in the present, and when the past and the present will simultaneously move on the screen, cannot be said.  The hero especially gets the support of two people to compete with the villain.  One is Tenet’s military member Neil (Robert Pattinson) and the other is Setter’s wife Kate (Elizabeth Debicki).  Another important face in the mission is Priya (Dimple Kapadia), a gun bullets supplier sitting in Mumbai.  It is only then that the hero comes to know about the setter.  Time is neutral and emotionless, so emotions have no place in the entire mission.  Let bygones be bygones.  He who died, died.  Despite this, the protagonist connects emotionally with Kate as she is the mother of a child and children are our future.  The hero’s best effort is to save the future of humanity.

In a way, it is like reversing time again and again to rectify the mistakes made in it.  It is complicated because as soon as the past of a person or place is changed, its present will also change.  Nolan moves with the speed of time in his story and here things change from moment to moment as much as they should.  Despite being complex, Tenet is an interesting film.  The beauty of cinema is that after connecting with its original tone, the visuals start talking to you.  The language barrier is largely over.  The tenet is tight and does not allow distraction.  Despite this, its length is about two and a half hours.  The timing and action sequences are fascinating looking back.  You cannot expect such science fiction in Indian cinema.  For the time being, one can only be happy with the fact that Mumbai and Dimple Kapadia have got an important place in world cinema in view of the large population of Indian audience.

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