What happened to Jarvis? What happened to Jarvis at the end of The Avengers?

What happened to Jarvis?

Edward Jarvis is one of the characters who also made appearances in Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, and the comic film Iron Man 2: Public Identity. As his character Marvel became popular in the cinematic world. As soon as we go inside it and learn what happened to Jarvis, he is violently attacked by Ultron and destroyed. Thus this miracle happened to Jarvis in the cinematic universe.

What happened to Jarvis at the end of The Avengers?

To know in detail the character of Jarvis, also known as Jarvis and whose full name is Edwin Jarvis, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe was born on April 1913, April and died on April 1914, Jarvis was affiliated with the British Army Stark Industries. Before Jarvis attacks, he tries to alert Stack to something and Banner’s position is not right for him, but Ultron is violently attacked and destroyed. Thus this miracle happened to Jarvis in the cinematic universe.

Edwin Jarvis Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki

Edwin Jarvis is a popular character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe born in April 1913 and affiliated with the British Army Stark Industries and nicknamed Mr. Fancy, Jeeves and Larry. Edward joined the British Armed Forces and became the general’s aide on one of the general’s trips to Europe where he met Anna, a Jewish girl.

Specifications description
Name jarvis
Real Name Edwin Jarvis
Date of birth April 1913
date of death 1914, April
species human
nationality British English
gender gender
surname Mr. Fancy



affiliated to British Army Stark Industries
featured by James D’Arcy

age of Ultron

Age of Ultron is one of the Marvel Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon and authored by himself. The fiction is based on The Avengers by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and produced by Kevin Feige. This is an American superhero film that was released in the year 2015 under the superhero team Avengers.

Specifications description
title age of Ultron
the director joss whedon
Author joss whedon
the creator Kevin Feige
Editor Jeffrey Ford
manufacturing company marvel studios
Country United States of america
Language English
distributor Walt Disney Studios, Motion Pictures

Edwin Jarvis Powers

Edwin Jarvis’s powers are,


Edwin is Jarvis’ enemy,

  • liviafan

  • Johann Feinhoff

  • dotty underwood

  • Friend

  • late branis

  • Sasha Demidov

What happened to Jarvis in Iron Man 3?

He is destroyed by Ultron, before Jarvis attacks, he tries to alert Stack and Banner to something. As we already mentioned in the above reference what happened to him in Avengers: Age of Ultron. And yet, the AI’s efforts to obtain the atomic code of Ultron contained the rest of the code.

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