What happened to John Batiste on Colbert? Is John Batiste Still With Stephen Colbert?

What happened to John Batiste on Colbert?

Sadly, John Battist left The Colbert Show on August 11, leading many viewers to question what happened to John Battist. Now Louis Cato joked: “I hope he’s cutting his new album, and I hope it’s called More Grammys, Please,” with Louis Cato now the guitarist and interim bandleader of The Late Show. He opened that he was leaving the show because he wanted to leave to pursue his personal and business interests.


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Is John Batiste Still With Stephen Colbert?

Young and talented musician John Battist is now officially leaving The Late Show with Stephen Colbert after serving his music service for almost 7 years. It is now official that Louis Cato will be replacing the role of John Battist. Joe Batiste is a famous Grammy winner, and he added to the fact that he is leaving the show due to his personal interests.

Did John Batiste leave Colbert?

When asked why John Battist Colbert wasn’t on the show, he gave a heartwarming answer that left most viewers sympathetic to his absence. Award-winning singer John Batiste revealed that his partner was in an ongoing battle with cancer, and was diagnosed with leukemia for the second time in early 2022. In addition, it was also said that Louis Cato would change his position.

john batiste bio

identity description
birth name Jonathan Michael Batiste
born 11 November 1986
age 35
birth place Metairie, Louisiana, US
styles Jazz, R&B
Business Composer, Instrumental Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Melodica

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