What happened to Rice Gum, who is Rice Gum?

Who is Ricegum?

Ricegum is an American YouTube personality and musician. Ricegum was born in Las Vegas, Nevada before immigrating to Los Angeles, California. Ricegum’s real name is Brian Lay and he is a video blogger. Ricegum was born and raised in America. Ricegum was born on 19 November 1996. Ricegum is 25 years old.

What happened to the rice gum?

Ricegum was part of various controversies which have negatively affected his career. Ricegum recently became more famous after a cryptocurrency scam involving several FaZe Clan members. This is one of the threats to his internet career. He stopped posting on his YouTube channel a year ago. In December 2017, Ricegum clashed with another YouTuber by the name of iDubbbzTV, whose real name is Ian Carter. On January 11, 2018, iDubbbz released a video titled “Content Cop – Jake Paul” as part of their Content Cop series.

Rise and Fall of Rice Gum

Earlier, Ricegum was famous for its diss track tracks and online fights with other YouTube celebrities. In one episode, iDubbbz said that RiceGum is stealing content from other channels. Then he called him the king of clickbait. He said that Ricegum bribed his audience by giving them money. Due to the decline in Ricegum’s career, he called the names iDubbbz. He also threatened to kill Ian Carter. Ricegum’s online anger fueled YouTube’s decision to shut down its channel. Within no time, he lost his giant.

ricegum net worth

According to some sources, Ricegum has a net worth of $8 million. He is a musician and a YouTube personality. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. His real name is Brian Lay. His primary source of income was his YouTube channel. He has a Twitter account. He has 2.6M followers on his Youtube channel.

Ricegum Instagram photos and videos

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