What happened to the Mark Van Dongen face? Who attacked Mark Van Dongen?

What happened to the Mark Van Dongen face?

Dutch engineer Mark van Dongen was injured in an acid attack in 2015. No one could possibly understand how deeply he had been hurt. Mark van Dongen’s face was completely scorched after the acid attack. His images show that about 25% of his body was wasted. Surgery was used to remove his injured skin. Dongen could finally see how badly he was damaged when he arrived at the hospital. He shouted, begged, and said he didn’t want to live.

Many of his photographs are not suitable for public consumption, and some made headlines. Berlinah Wallace left her torso and limbs paralyzed from the neck down. After what happened, the Dutch engineer went into deep despair, and his mental health deteriorated significantly. According to officials, Wallace threw a glass containing 98 percent pure sulfuric acid.

What happened to Mark Van Dongen?

Mark van Dongen has passed away on January 2, 2017. He committed suicide fifteen days after the heinous acid attack. The vitriolage immobilized the 29-year-old engineer from the neck down, as well as losing a limb, an ear and an eye. He was inactive for about four months. Dongen died as a result of euthanasia, which is when the patient’s life is ended to relieve suffering. Mark was sentenced to prison after his application was accepted by three physicians, who said he met the requirements for “unbearable physical and emotional suffering”.

Who attacked Mark Van Dongen?

Dongen’s girlfriend, Berlinah Wallace, was convicted at Bristol Crown Court of intentionally disposing of an acidic substance. Dongen’s girlfriend Berlinah Wallace was found guilty of throwing sulfuric acid. While he was sleeping, he poured chemical on Mark. Dongen eventually had a slew of mental and physical issues. In 2017, he decided to use assisted suicide. Wallace was a fashion student from South Africa. She and Mark met five years ago on an HIV dating site because they were both in bad health. Berlinah Wallace was sentenced to life imprisonment for her actions. This was the first time a life sentence had been handed down for acid attack.

Why did Berlinah Wallace attack Mark van Dongen?

According to research, Mark and Berlin had a turbulent relationship. Wallace had broken up with Too repeatedly, and Mark gave her conflicting signals. He returned to inform her that they were still together after five years, but this time he said he was moving in with his new girlfriend, Violet Farquharson, 46. Dongen has previously accused Wallace of threatening and blackmailing her. He said, Wallace had threatened to hurt her new boyfriend. Wallace was clearly jealous of Dongen and his new relationship, and in his anguish, he attempted to take on the life of his ex. Police investigation found that she was testing for sulfuric acid. According to statistics, Wallace’s browser was used to search more than 82 websites. The fashion student also ordered a bottle of acid on Amazon. Berlinah Wallace was found guilty on May 23, 2018, based on the evidence presented.

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