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Who is Gloom?

Gloom is a Canadian Youtuber. Kasima “Kasi” is the real name of Isabel Gloom. Earlier they were known as CloudyApples. Initially, she introduced herself on CloudyApples in 2011. Cloudy Apple is a lifestyle-based Youtube channel. She had a break of two years but then came back in 2013. Then he decided to move on, and in 2015 launched another channel called “Glogames”. Which later became Gloom.

What happened?

On 8 January 2022, Glo made the announcement in a video titled “Signing Off”. She posted that video intending to take a break from a scary situation caused by stress, which she thought had breast cancer. But after some tests, it was found that luckily, she had only one lump in her breast which was just a cyst. She found out that she did not have breast cancer. In one of his videos, Kassi also revealed that he had an aunt named Kasima, who died of cancer.

What happened to YouTuber Gloom?

According to some sources, in 2022, a rumor was spread by several sites that Glome had passed away due to cancer. At the time, Glom revealed in the “Signing Off” video that he did not have cancer. But neither his close friends nor any family member has confirmed anything about that information. Gloom’s YouTube channel consisted mostly of gaming and commentary videos. Currently, it includes vlogs, skits, and parody arts-and-crafts and cooking videos.

Gloom Age (Cassie’s Age)

Kasi was raised alongside three siblings; An older brother, an older sister and a younger sister. Kasi was born on 19 December 1990 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She is 30 years old. But he spent most of his childhood in Singapore. After coming back to Canada, he started primary school. There he was often bullied because of his physical appearance which resembled a Chinese man. As her self-esteem fell, she began to combat that bullying.

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During his middle school, he was introduced to a girl named Ashley, who became his best friend. At the end of her middle school years at Cassie, Ashley switched schools. Then Kasi’s family faced such problems which made her more worried. She didn’t reveal it to others because she felt she didn’t want them to take pity on her.

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