What National Day Is August 5, List Of August 5th National Days And Observances

What National Day Is August 5?

August 5 is a day when a number of national days are celebrated, but what National day is August 5 is something that many have wondered about. Countries across the world celebrate a number of days honoring various things, practices and even food items. This diversity in celebrating National days is what made many wonder what National day is August 5. The section below will enlighten you of what national day is August 5.

List Of August 5th National Days

S.No August 5 National Day
1 International Beer Day
2 International Traffic Light Day
3 Blogger Day
4 Braham Pie Day
5 National Couscous Day
6 National Dash Cam Day
7 National Oyster Day
8 National Underwear Day
9 National Water Balloon Day
10 Umuganura Day
12 Work Like A Dog Day
13 Tisha B’av
14 Burkina Faso Independence Day
15 Kiribati Youth Day
16 National Underwear Day
17 National Ipa Day

What To Do On National Days?

Now that we know what national day is August 5 let us find out what we can possibly do national days. Depending on the National day that is celebrated the things you can do varies. If the national day is commemorating any food try your hand at making the food item, call your friends over and order that food and share with them. Or if it is a day honoring a habit like walking day, you can practice this habit or if you have never tried out like knitting or stitching day you can try out that as well. National days are basically days to have fun while acknowledging the importance of why it is being celebrated.

Importance Of National Days

Aside from wanting to know what National day is August 5 many have also looked for the importance of National days. National days remind us of the multicultural and diversity of a country. National Festivals are the pride of every country. National festivals make us celebrate the occasion as proud citizens. These are days when people of a country come together to observe this day. To know more about What National Day Is August 5 keep connected to our page.

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