Why is Instagram not refreshing 2022? How to fix Instagram not refreshing issue?


Instagram is a widely used social media. It was founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. This app is available on iPhone, Android and PC. This platform is used to share photos and videos with many people. If the account is not private everyone can see the pictures we share. They can view, like, comment on and even share your profile with others. If you are over 13 years old then you can create an account on Instagram. All you need to do is register an account using your e-mail address and select a username.

Why is Instagram not refreshing 2022?

Instagram feed is not refreshing due to some technical issue with Instagram app or unstable internet connection. Also, there is a possibility that you may have recently updated to the latest version of the Instagram app, and there might be something wrong with the latest version. Instagram feed is not refreshing” error messages may pop up, and Instagram may sometimes stop updating your feed. At this point, you won’t be able to see any new content from other users who have added to your account Most of the problems are caused by:

  • Wrong date and time on your phone– If you don’t set the date and time on the phone, it may cause some apps to not open. Check if the date and time of your phone or iPhone are set correctly.

  • Prohibited and use of third party apps– Some Instagram third apps, such as Instagram bots, can cause Instagram not refreshing issue. Obviously, these apps will help to gain more followers, but sometimes these third-party tools can create the ultimate problem when opening Instagram.

  • instagram server down– If the server is down, feeds cannot be refreshed until the server is regularized. You can check the downdetector to identify the resentment

How to fix Instagram not refreshing feed issue?

  • sometimes wait– If Instagram feed is not refreshing, it is highly likely that there is some technical issue with Instagram app or Instagram app server, and Instagram team is already aware and working to fix the problem . In this case, there is nothing you can do, so wait until the Instagram team fixes the issue or the Instagram servers are up.

  • Check if internet connection is stable– Check for a stable internet connection. Sometimes you don’t have a stable internet connection, and it doesn’t refresh your Instagram feed. Make sure you have good internet speed or a stable internet connection. If your mobile data speed is slow on a Wi-Fi network, you may have a problem with the Instagram app. So check your internet speed. Turn your mobile data on and off, or check the router if you’re using Wi-Fi. Also, try switching from mobile network to Wi-Fi or mobile network.

  • instagram cache clearing– Most of the time, when Instagram feed will not refresh, clearing the app cache will fix the problem. So, to fix Instagram feed refreshing issue, clear Instagram app cache.

  • uninstalling and installing the app– To fix Instagram feed refreshing issue, first uninstall and reinstall Instagram app. Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app will fix the problem. So first of all uninstall the app from your phone. After that, reinstall and check if Instagram app is working.

  • update instagram– To resolve the Instagram feed not refreshing issue, please update the Instagram app with the latest version because sometimes the old version doesn’t work correctly. If your Instagram app version is out of date, it may not work properly.

  • Sync date and time on your device– Sometimes, Instagram feeds don’t refresh if your device data and time settings aren’t in sync with the actual date and time. Hence, sync your device data and time with the actual date and time. After that check if Instagram feed refreshes or not.

  • Check Compatibility- If the Instagram feed isn’t refreshing on your phone, first check your phone’s compatibility with the Instagram app. If your phone is not compatible with Instagram app, then use another phone, Instagram app will work fine and solve the problem.

  • restart your device– If all attempts are not working, it will be a problem for your device. Restart your device and check if Instagram is fresh

  • contact instagram support team– If nothing works and you think your Instagram feed isn’t refreshing just for you and your friends or other Instagram users who don’t have such problem, you can contact Instagram support team.

Instagram overview

Specifications description
Application instagram
original founder Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger
Country America
initial release October 6, 2010
developer Facebook Inc.
platform iOS, Android, Firefox, Microsoft Windows
availability in 32 language

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