Why is Snapchat not working on Airtel? How to fix Snapchat not working issue?


Snapchat is an American multimedia app used to send instant messages. Snap Inc. develops it. One of the key and unique features of Snapchat is that the pictures and messages received by the recipient will only be available for a short period of time; After that, they will automatically disappear from the recipient. Snap delivers a streak; One user must pass a snap to another user to continue their streak. It’s so much fun enhancing your snap streaks with your besties; At one point, your friendship level on Snapchat rises into better territory.

Why is Snapchat not working on Airtel?

A lot of users are worried to know that their Snapchat is not working well on their device; They are also worried that youtube and Spotify are also not working properly. However, there are no official fixes. Some sources suggest using VPN and other rooted methods to connect to Snapchat, but we do not suggest taking such activities. Sometimes a VPN doesn’t give you complete anonymity, your privacy isn’t guaranteed, and first of all, a VPN isn’t generally an ethical way to deal. So for a few more reasons, we do not recommend that you take these alternative methods to fix your snapchat.

snapchat not working on airtel today

Are you also facing this problem? When you want to take a snap with a filter, the filter won’t load; Half the time, your Snap crashes for no reason. For a few hours now, we have noticed that Airtel users are facing app crashing issue with Airtel. We noticed that some viewers admit that Snap is crashing and not working on cellular internet. They suggest using WiFi. Officially Snapchat hasn’t leaked any solutions, so for now, we can only rely on WiFi to see what our friends have updated. However, we noticed that 5% of people have problems with recent logins, 33% have problems with server connections, and 8% have problems sharing on Snapchat.

snapchat not working on airtel today

#snapchatdown with the caption, “People have started showing their real faces because snapchat isn’t working,” some users mocked Snap users. Some other users have opened up that they can’t use their Snapchat the way they once did, because Snapchat is locking itself. Usually, a basic prompt appears on everyone’s screen that says “Locked account”. Even if you type in the correct login credentials, you may still see the text on your screen that your account is locked.

fix why snapchat not working on airtel

Snapchat has maintained its reach as one of the most used apps for many years. For a few days now, Airtel users have found it difficult to load into Snapchat, and they are worried if there is any way to this mess. Here are some fixes that might help you get your Snapchat back to normal:

login with a new account

If you are experiencing conflicts with your Snapchat, we suggest creating a new account, this may reduce your odds of logging in with the new account.

View your username and password

Just check if you are using a valid username and password. Sometimes Snapchat usernames and passwords can be misspelled, which seems to be a problem with “Users Not Found”.

Avoid Using VPN

We use VPs which end up causing trouble for us! This actually creates many problems when signing in or logging in to Snapchat. If you have log-in problems, try logging in again or from a different network.

Un-Root Your Android

A rooted device may not work properly with Snapchat. If your gadget is rooted you will see “Login error message”. To uninstall third-party apps and plugins, reinstall the official Snapchat app.

reactivate deleted account

If you deleted your Snap account for less than 30 days, reactivate it by entering your username and password. Just keep in mind that you cannot use your email address to change your password in this case.

Snap account may be locked

Sometimes your Snap account may be locked, in which case, you can contact customer support via email to fix your Snapchat.

snapchat call not working

Snapchat is one of those apps that helps us to send photos and videos to our friends. The main feature of this app is that when you send a snap that is a photo or a video, it will disappear after viewing or a day later. You can even make your own Bitmoji with different hairstyles, costumes, and more. Users have their own privacy and are well protected. Recently users are facing a problem which is “Snapchat call not working issue”. So, follow this guide to know the causes and steps to resolve Snapchat calls not working issue.

Why are Snapchat calls not working?

This problem is actually due to poor internet connection on your device, an older version of Snapchat where you have to download the updated version. Sometimes the Snapchat app on your device may have bugs and fixation issues. Some of the major reasons are given below,

  • poor internet or wifi connection

  • full snapchat cache

  • old version of snapchat

  • disable call permission for snapchat app

  • slow device performance

  • bugs in snapchat app

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