Youtube not working on PS5 2022, How to fix Youtube not working on PS5 issue?


Youtube is an American online video sharing platform. It was launched on 14 February 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawad Karim. It had over 2.5 billion monthly users. YouTube has now gone beyond mobile apps, network television, and the ability to link to other platforms. This created a huge social impact such as influencing popular culture and YouTube channels advertising to a large number of audiences. Most of the content on YouTube is produced by individuals who had collaborations between YouTubers and corporate sponsors.

YouTube PS5 2022 . not working on

We generally use PlayStation or PS5 for online gaming purposes for entertainment. Where we use PS5 on youtube, our entertainment doubles. When using our PS5 you can watch videos that were created specifically for games. Actually, Youtube is not made to run on PlayStation at all, so on some occasions, youtube will not work properly to work on PS5. There can be many reasons behind this like app freezing, app not working etc. Here we have given some simple solutions to fix youtube not working on PS5 2022.

How to fix Youtube not working on PS5 issue?

Along with here we have given some simple to fix youtube not working on PS5 2022:

Step 1: Restart PS5 and Controller Device

Step 2: Make sure your network is connected

Step 3: Change Your DNS Provider

Step 4: Check for Updates

Step 5: Delete all saved data from your app

Step 6: Reinstall Your YouTube App

Step 7: Make Sure Your HDCP Is On

Step 8: Check Your PS5 Connection Controls

PS5 YouTube keeps crashing

PS5 is a popular gaming console, many PS5 users have reported that their PS5 console froze and crashed while playing games, as the user reported that many users have found PS5 games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Returnal I have faced this problem while playing. etc., there are many reasons behind PS5 youtube crashing, we have given some easy to solve this issue.

How to fix PS5 crashes while playing games?

Here we have given some simple steps to fix PS5 crashing while playing games. they are:

Step 1: Disable Your PS5 Leisure Mode

Step 2: Restart Your PS5 Console

Step 3: Check Your PS5’s Power Cord

Step 4: Reinstall the Specific Game That Keeps Crashing While Playing

Step 5: Rebuild Your Database with PS5 Safe Mode

Step 6:Update Your System Software

Step 7: Contact Playstation Support System

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